About Us

Three Feathers is a 5-acre farm in Morgan Hill, CA which sits on the beautiful landscape & homeland of the Muwekma Ohlone (mah-WEK-mah Oh-LOW-nee) Tribe, who continue to be the original residents & land stewards of this unceded territory that we humbly occupy.  In acknowledging this, we give thanks for the opportunity to live, work, and learn on their traditional homeland. We also would like to pay our respects to their elders and to all Ohlone peoples, past and present who have shaped and been in deep relationship to this land. As farmers we strive to continue to be in right relationship to the land and its ancestral peoples. Three Feathers Farm is stewarded by, both Héktor Calderón-Victoria & Dilip Sharma, two self-identifying BIPOC farmers based in the Central Coast & Bay Area. Our mission is to provide healthy organic and culturally relevant foods to our BIPOC communities in Northern California. As BIPOC farmers we have deep roots from our cultural and traditional lands of México & India, which have respectively  been sources of reverence when it comes to traditional farming practices and the wisdom of our ancestors. We strive to reclaim our collective right to belong to the Earth and  serve as a catalyst for change within the food system. 

At our farm, we believe that the land we stand & grow on is a relative and as a relative, we must treat it with the utmost respect. In doing so we believe that agroecological, carbon-sequestering farming practices, such as cover cropping, mulching, low-tilling, and native species restoration – are part of how we care for the land.  We farm in hopes that the next seven generations to come will also be able to experience the abundance of beauty and food that the land provides to our communities.